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Vinyl nursery rugs

Buying a vinyl children's rug? Then look no further! Our vinyl rugs are flexible, dirt- and water-resistant and have high non-slip properties. In addition, they are convenient to use. As soon as you put the rug down, you immediately see the beautiful prin

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vloerkledenopvinyl Playmat | Pirate
Playmat | Pirate
Our materials are PVC-free and hygienic
€39,99 €33,05 €29,99 €24,79
vloerkledenopvinyl Rug vinyl round | Aapie
Rug vinyl round | Aapie
Our materials are PVC-free and hygienic
€44,99 €37,18 €33,74 €27,88
vloerkledenopvinyl Nursery carpet vinyl | Sharkie
Nursery carpet vinyl | Sharkie
Our materials are PVC-free and hygienic
€44,99 €37,18 €33,74 €27,88
vloerkledenopvinyl Rug vinyl | Kitty
Rug vinyl | Kitty
Our materials are PVC-free and hygienic
€49,99 €41,31 €37,49 €30,98
vloerkledenopvinyl Rug vinyl round | Leo
Rug vinyl round | Leo
Our materials are PVC-free and hygienic
€44,99 €37,18 €33,74 €27,88
Vinyl nursery rugs

As a parent, you want the best for your child. For instance, they need to eat and drink enough, receive the best possible care and have safe toys. After all, a child's laughter is a heartwarming sound. FloorKledenopVinyl responds to this by offering the best children's rugs.

A children's room is incomplete without a children's rug. With a rug, children are surrounded by striking patterns in cheerful colours. It ensures that children can play happily without you having to worry about dirt. By purchasing a vinyl rug, both your child and the interior are protected while playing.

Buy vinyl children's carpets and play rugs at FloorKledenopVinyl

Buying a children's rug from FloorKledenopVinyl is an economical choice. First of all, this top company specialises in producing, selling and delivering vinyl products in the Netherlands and Europe, which is a unique combination. A vinyl children's rug is also well thick, making it of high quality.

By the way, the vinyl used is made of recycled material and is also recyclable, making it very durable. There are no bad substances in it and the rugs are free of phthalates, which has a negative health effect. Many cheap vinyl products, from China for example, do contain this substance.


Children's rugs come in all shapes and sizes. No two children are the same, of course. Read below which themes we have all incorporated into our rugs.

Kids rug jungle

This children's area rug decorated with monkeys in a jungle environment serves as a play mat for the children's room and is also pet-resistant. By the way, you can choose the desired size of the rug, so it always fits perfectly in the kids' room.

Kids rug animals

Children love animals and love to play horse, dog or cat. By buying a children's area rug with animals on it, real animal fans can have fun with the animal pictures and patterns.

Kids Car Rug

Does your child prefer cool cars and racing cars? Then you can make him or her very happy with a children's car rug, as he or she can have fun with their cars all day long.


Did you know that every colour evokes a feeling in children? Find out and choose the right children's rug for your child!

Kids' carpet pink

A pink rug will make pink lovers feel like a real princess.

Kids rug blue

Blue matches any interior and provides tranquillity, while also offering fantastic protection.

Kids rug purple

The colour purple is mysterious and makes a real background colour.

Kids area rug white

The softness of white goes well with busy interiors. This bright colour brings light into a room.

Kids carpet green

Finally, green is a cheerful, natural colour that evokes a sense of adventure.

Cheap children's rugs

Not only is there a lot of choice in terms of types and colours of vinyl children's rugs at FloorKledenopVinyl. The rugs also come at a great value for money. Also check out our sale for cheap rugs for children.

As described above, the quality of vinyl children's rugs at VloerKledenopVinyl is high because of the materials used, durability and thickness. This high quality allows you to do a long time with the rug, saving costs compared to cheaper, poorer alternatives.

Have a children's carpet made to measure

At VloerKledenopVinyl, it is possible to have a children's area rug custom-made to fit perfectly into the room or space intended for it. In addition, the following standard sizes in centimetres are also available:

  • 90x120
  • 95x145
  • 140x195
  • 170x240
  • 95x95
  • 170x170
  • 195x195
  • 195x300

Besides buying a square rug, it is also possible to order a round rug. This can also be ordered to size, with standard sizes 95, 150 and 195 centimetres available.

Vinyl children's rug kitchen

The vinyl children's rugs from FloorKledenopVinyl can be placed anywhere and that includes the kitchen. Here your child can play happily, while the kitchen is protected from dirt. The rugs are dirt- and water-resistant thanks to the vinyl.

This material ensures that the rugs don't really get dirty and can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. In addition, the children's rugs are non-slip, providing plenty of grip on the floor.

Safe children's rugs

The vinyl rugs from VloerKledenopVinyl do not contain hazardous substances as other, inexpensive versions do. For example, the rugs are free of phthalates, as described above, which is hazardous to health. By buying a vinyl rug from VloerKledenopVinyl, you choose safety while playing.

Children's rugs general information

If your child plays on a rug every day, it's nice to know a little more or the material it's made of. Read below for everything you need to know for your child's safety.

Production of children's rugs

All of FloorKledenopVinyl's products are produced in the Netherlands and are made of high-quality, high-quality vinyl.

Thickness of children's rugs

The rugs have a thickness of 2.2 millimetres, which is thicker than other variants. This gives the rugs a higher quality.

Maintenance of children's rugs

The rugs are easy to clean with soapy water, a floor polisher or an automatic mop. No damage will occur. Like our adult rugs, all play rugs are made of a material that is dirt- and water-repellent. Should the children's play mat get dirty, it can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

Your own photo on a children's area rug

You can easily request to have a photo printed on a rug. You can do this via chat or email. Moreover, you may always contact us by phone.

Kids rug and underfloor heating

The rugs are extremely suitable for homes with underfloor heating, as they absorb heat while being pleasant to play and walk on.

Kids' carpet for indoor and outdoor use

The children's rugs are available for parents and caregivers in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. You can use the rugs both indoors and outdoors.

Material of the children's rugs

The rugs are made of vinyl, which is an extremely strong and dirt- and water-resistant material. Moreover, they are non-slip, making them safe to use.

A nursery is not a nursery without a play rug. Children love to be surrounded by cheerful colours and eye-catching patterns. If we look specifically at the children's room, it is important that it contains items that can withstand rough handling. After all, children sometimes drop things or get dirty; that's part of the deal. If you are looking for children's rugs, we recommend vinyl.

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